Advanced Concrete Solutions

Advanced Concrete Solutions

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Have you started noticing sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete? WE have the solution! Do you have problems with:

  • Sidewalks uneven, afraid of tripping?
  • Driveway, sidewalks, or patios uneven or settled toward your home?
  • Standing water?

Why REPLACE it when you can RAISE it?  WE have the solution to the many challenges YOU face when it comes to maintaining the concrete around your home. When properly maintained, with our skilled knowledge the concrete surrounding your home will be safe and beautiful for many years to come.

Our Solution

Also known as mudjacking, slabjacking or pressure grouting, concrete raising is the process of raising and stabilizing settled concrete. A series of holes is drilled into the concrete. Material is introduced below the slab filling voids and raising it to a desired height. The holes are then patched with cement. Half the cost of replacement, concrete raising is the cost-effective alternative.

What can concrete raising repair?

Trip Hazards
Pooling Water in low spot
Slabs pitching into a foundation
The bump as you pull into your garages
Slab vibration
Rocking slab

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Advanced Concrete Solutions is here to help! We have the tools and technique to successfully raise virtually any uneven concrete service. With minimal mess and for half the cost of installing new concrete, we can successfully lift the sinking pieces. You’ll save money and have a safer, more attractive property. For more information email us at or call us at (419) 782-8226